Discovery of Riga / Découverte de Riga

Lets discover a European City -Riga- Do a quick travel to Riga.  Let’s go to the main city of the Latvia. Riga is the biggest city of the Baltic states, but its population is decreasing since 1991.  Among the presented monuments, you will discover: the Freedom monument, the Wöhrmann Garden, the presidential Castel, etc With Toi d’Europe you […]

Latvia Presentation

Latvia -Presentation-   We were in Latvia in May 2017 to interview young Latvian and better understand their relationships with European Union.   Nous étions en Lettonie en mai 2017 afin d’interviewer des jeunes lettons et de mieux comprendre leur relation(s) avec l’Union Européenne.   The Process of Integration -Le Processus d’intégration- Figures about Latvia […]