New breath for the Rezist movement


New breath for the Rezist movement


While everybody is watching the Spanish rallies, another country is protesting in Eastern Europe. On November 5, new demonstrations took place in the Romanian capital gathering more than 10,000 people, on Sunday, November 26 they were more than 30,000. Romanian citizens paraded against the new government law and accused it to weaken the fight against corruption. Analysis of the Romanian Rezist movement.

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Rezist: A movement against corruption

The gatherings of November 5 resumed the direction as those of last January: the fight against corruption. Indeed, this new law wanted by the Minister of Justice would allow him to hire and fire the highest prosecutors of the country, a power reserved to the President so far.

The movement seeks to prove to citizens the importance of everyone in the democratic process and in the life of the country. The fight against corruption does not include only the political level: « It is a movement against all forms of corruption: in the legal environment, in education, health … » explains Andi, member since the first day of the movement Rezist. This young activist wants to show Romanian citizens that their expectations must be higher, concerning their daily lives and the services offered by schools and hospitals.


The January rallies

The events of the beginning of the year began last January. The cause of the protest remains the signing of a decree by the Romanian government. The latter amends the penal code and furthermore facilitates amnesty requests, particularly with regard to abuse of power. Several hundred thousand people were then in the streets of Bucharest to protest the corruption of the elites and the decrees voted. After several days of meetings, Justice Minister Florin Lordache was forced to resign in favor of Ana Birchall.


A first success, but remains shy as evidenced by a young student from Bucharest: « They have abandoned the order of the government that was limiting corruption to 200 000RON [about 40 000 €], so those who commit actions of less value n were not charged. But they still think to put it back.  »


The movement is part of an intergenerational willingness to change the situation in Romania. While many demonstrations in Europe have shown a generational gap, as in Poland or the United Kingdom. The Rezist movement mixes ages. « There is a gap, but not between generations. There is a gap between the lazy people, who stay in their comfort zone, and those who want to change things. Even for the marches of more than 15 kilometers, you will see many people over 50 « says Andi.


Media propaganda

For all those interviewed, the most difficult thing is to counter the communication of the government through Romanian media. « It is complicated in some cities in the countryside to make clear that this corruption can be defeated and that things can change. What is said on television is taken for pure truth even what is more like propaganda »says Oana, a young Romanian.


To counter this propaganda denounced by the opponents, the Rezist movement decided to create its own media. This television is called Rezistenta TV. The media support tries to explain with the help of experts in economics, law and other areas, the governmental laws and tax terms, difficult to understand.

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