Disillusion after the electoral results

In the Italian legislative elections of 4 March, the country showed its division. The lack of a majority to govern adds to a big disappointment among young Italians, feeling once again out of step.


The gap is widening between politicians and young Italian citizens.©toideurope

« I’m really disappointed with the results but they were predictible, » worry Rocco. This young Italian shares a similar feeling to other citizens of the same generation. He is worried about the future of his country. The results of the parliamentary elections continue to bring him disappointment. The rise of the extremes is part of it with an important score of the Northern League, led by Matteo Salvini, who has based his campaign on « a fear of the other ». This policy communicates on the subject of complex and sensitive that has marked the campaign such as immigration, economy and work. « Many political forces have tried to capture the expectations and fears of citizens without building a bigger framework and a realistic political agenda, » says Francesca. Politicians need to listen more to the needs of its citizens

« Italy is clearly divided »

The puzzle continues. The electoral choice was very complicated for some citizens. Today, the persistent difficulty of knowing what political forces will govern. These events remain the consequence of a fragmented country. « Italy remains divided between the north and the south, but also between the cities and the peripheries » explains Rocco, a resident of Bologna. The fracture is also showed with their relation to Europe. « The subject of the European Union has been controversial: On the one hand, there were clear nationalist positions and on the other a pro-European alliance, » Francesca adds. These Italian elections also mark a certain European disinterest of the citizens, who are rejecting the institution, and observing it as a threat. The situation remains similar to the last citizen consultations, in other European countries. « I think we need to work to revive Europeanism in Italy, » says Rocco.

The unemployment rate for young people under the age of 25 was 32.2% in 2017, according to Eurostat. This situation explains the exile of many citizens in other EU countries. They want better living conditions and job. They disagree with the legislative elections. « The results of these elections show that I belong to a small minority in my country, and that is perhaps also the reason why I live abroad, » says Francesca. According to her, no candidate was representing a real policy that would move the country forward, after hopes dissolved. 

Claims upheld

« I want a government that can give stability to the Italians, » adds Domenico, a native of Milan. The will of a stable government persists. The young people do not want the failures of previous governments anymore. Through the testimonies gathered, these citizens wish to reach a balance in Italy, to gain importance within the EU. « Italy should be the driving force for joint projects on migration and the implementation of the social dimension of Europe.We are facing great inequalities and the gateway to Europe for all those seeking a better future, « adds Diletta. These expectations should be listened to. The newly elected members return to parliament on Friday. As for the consultation of the President for the creation of a government, it is necessary to wait until April 3. The possibility of seeing new elections is maintained by a complicated coalition.

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