Mediterranean Games – a stepping stone for young athletes


From 22th June to 1rst July, the Mediterranean Games took place  in Tarragona. Among the nine European teams, each of them obtained a medal. The meeting is also a preparation before the Olympic Games in Tokyo for the new athletes, in two years. Crossed portraits about four different people.

The logo of the Mediterranean Games 2018.

« That competition for me was the first one with the Italian National team and I was very proud to wear the colors of my country » explains, the young italian cyclist,Erica Magnaldi. She got the bronze and share the podium with her compatriot Elisa Longo Borghini. « My favorite memories are when I attacked in the uphill and succeed in staying only with Elisa Longo Borghini and Ana Santesteban and of course the ceremony after the race, listening our national anthem on the podium has been touching » adds she.

The national symbol marks a lot. Mohamad Maso, Syrian of 25 years old and refugees in Hanover (Germany) participated at the new competition of the Mediterranean Games, the  Triathlon. Himself had full of emotion during the Open ceremony, the Syrian Flag and listens « It was a great moment » adds he.  The international competition gathers together 26 countries and 33 different sport. For a lot athletics, the Mediterranean Games are the first, as the young Spanish Juan Cruz, amateur of  Football, in Malaga Team.   » I practice this sport since I’m eight  years old, I was really happy to participate at the competition and to compete in the highest level » says he. With the Spanish team, he won gold at the end of  Final against Italian Team, three goals at two. 


From the european dream to the olympic dream

The athletic competition is organized by Olympic movement, with the gratitude of International Olympic Committee. The meeting allows to create Olympics dreams. The young member of  France Team 3×3, Caroline Hériaud gets her feelings:  » For me, it was a great opportunity to play with the best athletes of my age and to have a first version of Olympic games ». « And I was proud of European team to play » she smiles. In this new Olympic discipline, she won the gold with her teammate. It’s a double before the men’s won too against Italy. 

At the end of  Mediterranean Games, most of new competitions are waiting for these athletes, before Olympic Games. Juan Cruz is searching to enter in Malaga’s football team in 2B. Erica Magnalia wishes to practice more this year. She finished on the 13th place during the Giro Rosa. The French, Caroline Hériaud is trying to keep the 1st place of the world ranking 3×3. So she will participate at many other competitions. Finally,  Mohamad Maso continues her dream toward the Olympic Games in 2020 and he will participate at others Triathlon competition. They are different European meetings for different dreams. 

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